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Looking for Prospective Foreign Graduate Students

  We are looking for dedicated graduate students for Opto-electro-structural lab, Department of Aerospace Engineering, KAIST ( Our projects are multidisciplinary, related to the application of laser ultrasound technologies, development of pulsed laser, wireless sensing network (WSN), optical fiber sensors technologies, and development of laser for the non-destructive test and evaluation (NDT&E) and structural health management (SHM) of important engineering structures, such as wind turbines, space launch vehicles, nuclear power plants, and aircrafts. However, the applicant’s background is never limited to these fields.

  All the projects are applications based with supports from the industries or government, and have great potential to be commercialized. If you are highly motivated, we want to invite you to join our research team.

Applicant Background and Requirements:

·      Mechatronics, Robotics, Electrical, Electronics, Signal/image processing, Embedded system (Microcontroller/FPGA), Laser systems, Wireless Sensing Network, Wireless sensing device, Stealth and radome analysis, Programming (C/C++, LabVIEW), Mechatronics, Aeronautics, Aerospace, Aerospace  material, Mechanical engineering and/or Materials background.

·      Minimum English requirement: PBT 560, CBT 220, iBT 83, IELTS 6.5, TEPS 599, TOEIC 720 or higher.

·      Minimum CGPA during undergraduate: 3.0 / 4.0.

·      Graduate from top ranked domestic (Top 3) and international (Top 500) school.

Financial Supports and Benefits:

·    Graduate student: Full support of tuition fee + starting monthly stipend KRW 850,000 for master course; KRW 1,050,000 for PhD course (after tax deduction).

·    Increment depending on research achievement.

·    Office utensils supported, including PC, furniture, stationary, etc.

Application or Enquiry:

·      The selected applicant will be engaged in Department of Aerospace Engineering as a graduate student.

·      Required documents:

Detail resume with a recent photo, copies of academic certificates and English test result, one A4 page statement-of-purpose (your personality, motivation to join this field of study, reasons of application and personal goals, future plan after your graduation, etc.).

·      Send application or enquiry to

·      Application due date: 18 August 2019 for graduate student (Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted within two weeks after deadline).

J. R. LEE, Ph.D.

KAIST-chaired Professor

Department of Aerospace Engineering (

KAIST, South Korea.

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