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Integrated SHM Team

  Smart hanger with in-situ NDE and SHM

* Invented in 2008, first in the world

* Fast and long range laser ultrasonic scanning

* Simultaneous multi-area scanning

* Fast signal processing for the big data

 Long Range Dual Scanning PZT-UPI System 

SHM for UPI based Serial PZT Network & fuselage training for impact localization

  Single Channeled Serial-Connected PZT sensor Network Based on Multi-Source UPI System  

  Multi-Source UPI Results, UWPI (top), Energy Map (bottom), A~E : Back surface cracks detected     

  Field Test Result of Impact Localization Based on Serial PZT Network & UPI based Fuselage Training  

  Smart UAV and haptic interface for ground pilot

* Monitoring based wing deflection and impact based on FBG sensing

* Transmission wing deflection and impact information to haptic interface